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10 Types of Black Birds With Name, Origin & Characteristics

224 views 17 April 2021

It can be really hard to tell one bird from another, especially when it comes to the types of black birds. There are so many all around the world, so things tend to get confusing. Black species are really fascinating, so if you are a bird-obsessive, you will definitely want to learn more about them.
 They can vary from sizes to signature characteristics. If you want to find out how to recognize and make a distinction between various black bird types, make sure to finish reading this short guide. If you love black birds, you’ll like these birds with only black heads too.

European starling is a part of the medium-sized black bird that belongs to the family Sturnidae.

Scientific Name: Sturnus Vulgaris.

Mostly Seen: Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, New Zealand, Pacific,

Distinctive Identification Characteristics: This is a middle-sized bird with the most stunning color range ever. The European starling has a fabulous black metallic, shiny hue on the plumage. As if that wasn’t enough, the rest of their body includes a number of other iridescent shades including green, purple, grey and more.

Facts: A very interesting fact is that this bird species has the ability to imitate sounds emitted from other creatures or things that surround them.