Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries

In archeology, bone fragments and disturbing remains of long-dead people are actually extremely important data. However, while enlightening, some discoveries can create horrible images of past lives and deaths. We've compiled 25 grisly archaeological discoveries for you, from decapitated gladiators to vampire tombs, from bizarre skeletons to tooth-forming tumors. Beheaded gladiators
C: York Archaeological Trust
A series of skeleton fragments discovered in York, England, belong to tall men who died before the age of 45. What makes the discovery creepy is that their heads are not in place. Skeletal heads are buried in some of them on the chest and in others between legs or feet.

Researchers have not agreed as to why most of the skeletons at Driffield Terrace in York were decapitated. The skeletons are dated to the second to fourth centuries AD, when the region was part of the Northern Roman Empire. The fact that most of the skeletons are tall and traces of trauma on them indicate that they could be gladiators. Genetic analysis of seven beheaded skeletons shows that six are British and one may have come from Lebanon or Syria.
21 February 2021