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Beautiful seven-colored bird Paradise Tanager

806 views 08 April 2021

At home, in tropical rain forests to the east and north of the Amazon basin, Paradise Tanager (Latin: Tangara Chilensis) is more commonly known as the “seven-colored bird”. And this perfectly matches its bright plumage shimmering with different shades. Nature, painting feathers of a paradise Tanagra was generous for colors. A head decorated with light green, almost neon feathers, belly – dark, turning into turquoise, tail and wings draw attention with fantastic yellow. Lower back of paradise Tanagra has bright-red color, and the upper part of the wings and tail – black.

Externally, males and females of paradise Tanagra do not differ from each other and to determine which of them is male or female is possible by observing their behavior – males are more melodious and, of course, do not lay eggs.
Tanagra adult sizes range from 13 to 15 centimeters, and it may well live in the house as a pet. However, this bird – a resident of South America and, besides large cells and large amounts of drinking water, needs a special diet. The diet in the form of fresh bananas, pears, orange slices, with the addition of a variety of insects.