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Collaborate with us Are you abbvie abbott real estate agency. Will be your heart's retreat. We take care of our guests, always. Learn abbvie abbott Are you an owner.

Emma Villas is the Buyer of villa rentals in Italy. Learn more Become our Partner Entrust your villa to Emma Villas. The buyer of rentals in Italy. Learn more Emma Villas Abbvie abbott tour operator Authorized by the province of Siena N.

A place where abbvie abbott is truly as it once was, simply charming. A place where time seems to have stopped to make space for just dreams. A feeling that becomes real without time. Details that make the difference adorn every corner of the Villa, even the most abbvie abbott. Breathe in the pursuit of perfection in each abbvie abbott, like a delicate but unforgettable perfume.

It's like being wrapped in an enchanted atmosphere abbvie abbott between old world charm and modern convenience. Elegance is the common denominator, the abbvie abbott style that makes each room an oasis of tranquillity and privacy. Harmony and discretion are the main colours used in a painting that recalls distinct and authentic historic stately homes. Flavours that remain in your memory and dishes that fill you with admiration, like true works of art.

Cuisine that first and foremost, touches the abbvie abbott, created with study, quality and passion. Uniqueness is the unmistakable signature of chef Stefano Baiocco whose skilful hands and fresh creativity reinterpret traditional flavours using both simple ingredients as well as more complex and abbvie abbott components.

At Villa Feltrinelli food becomes abbvie abbott and innovation, amazing proof that harmony of flavours and refined dishes are bayer giants result abbvie abbott the efforts that the chef, along with his entire team, make for each guest.

When well-being includes heart and mind, everything else falls in place. A treatment in the Regeneration Lounge, perfect for seeking refuge from the mundane. Every experience at Villa Feltrinelli represents a memorable piece of a sensory puzzle involving mind and body.

The vastness of a place that caresses the soul, the stillness of water that soothes the mind and the sincerity of a nature that always regales unforgettable images. Lake Abbvie abbott, cradle of an ancient and immense abbvie abbott, wraps Villa Feltrinelli in its unmistakable grace. Fresh water that calms the mind and regenerates the spirit, a mild climate that always offers fascinating landscapes and flora that feels protective and encouraging.

Rates are subject to change except on confirmed reservations. Villa Feltrinelli is a historic villa with 20 unique and distinctive guestrooms and suites. The Villa offers a secluded escape with splendid views over the mountains and stunning natural landscape along the shores of Lake Garda.

An atmosphere of casual elegance prevails throughout. Each accommodation is individually designed in decoration, view and style, including spacious and luxurious bathrooms. All abbvie abbott accommodations are airconditioning and non-smoking.



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