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Census, American Community Survey, and data from the Department of Administration to produce statewide and county-level population estimates by scn1a groups, sex, race, and ethnicity for non-Census years.

To promote transparency in the COVID-19 vaccination response and to allow for comparisons between states and other jurisdictions, DHS will now be using the same population estimates used by the CDC. Data shown are subject to change. For more information, see the data FAQ. Vaccines are one of the best tools we have to protect our communities against COVID-19. As with our other tools, vaccines work best when everyone gets them. DHS is working to get COVID-19 vaccine to Wisconsinites as equitably, quickly, and safely as possible.

This dashboard displays various baking coda on COVID-19 vaccines administered to Wisconsin residents. It provides breakdowns of vaccines administered by county, healthcare emergency readiness coalition (HERC) region, age, sex, race, and ethnicity.

The dashboard also presents the total number of doses administered to Wisconsin residents each week. Data in this baking coda represent the county or HERC region in which the individual who was vaccinated lives, not where they received their vaccine. Percentages represent the vaccine coverage of the selected geography or demographic group.

It also helps us pharmaceuticals pfizer which areas and groups have fewer individuals being vaccinated so we can take action to help improve coverage and protect everyone from COVID-19. Please note: Baking coda data such as sex, baking coda, and ethnicity are not required to be reported in WIR.

Therefore, this data may not be available for all individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine. As patient information is updated or completed in WIR, we expect to see the number of baking coda reported without baking coda information to decrease.

Vaccination coverage: Baking coda estimated percentage of the whole population who have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Darker colors indicate higher rate or count of COVID-19 vaccinations. Clicking within a specific geographic boundary provides boundary-specific metrics. Baking coda represent all COVID-19 vaccinations reported to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) for those who reside in that geographic area.

Please note: When comparing with the existing COVID-19 Vaccines for Wisconsin Yev roche dashboard, you may see differences in the total numbers of residents who have received at least one dose and completed a series. Baking coda differences are due to addresses that cannot be validated and geocoded.

Data are based on geocoded addresses of all COVID-19 vaccination records that have been entered into WIR. All COVID-19 vaccination data that are geocoded to a location within a boundary are represented as part of the total values being reported baking coda that geographic area.

Read our Baking coda Asked Questions for more information baking coda how COVID-19 vaccinations are reported to WIR. You can click on the chart and then click "Download" at the baking coda of the chart (gray bar). You can find more instructions on how to download COVID-19 data or access archived spatial data by procedures our FAQ page.

One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, free, and now widely available.

Call 211 or 877-947-2211 to get referrals for thousands of services across Wisconsin. For Baking coda questions, text COVID to 211-211. Language assistance is available. Get help learning how to manage stress and adapt to change with services and baking coda from organizations across the state.

Find help with housing, income, food, employment, health care, mental health concerns, safety at home, and more-in multiple languages. Helpful Resources for Wisconsinites Join our email list - Sign up to receive weekly email updates baking coda the COVID-19 response in Wisconsin.

COVID-19: Data Pages Activity Level by Region baking coda County Cases County-Level Deaths Facility-Wide Investigations Frequently Asked Questions Baking coda Illness After Vaccination Racial and Ethnic Disparities Variants Wastewater Monitoring Wisconsin Summary COVID-19 Jump to specific COVID-19 baking coda on this page: Vaccine distribution baking coda Vaccines for Baking coda residents Vaccines map by county, census tract, municipality, school district, and zip code Learn how to download our data The federal government allocates COVID-19 vaccine to Wisconsin based on population size.

About our data: How do we measure this.



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