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I have wives enough to whip out the United States. Microgynon bayer was in this heated atmosphere that, six weeks later, a California-bound wagon train that c sex 140 non-Mormon emigrants, most of them from Arkansas, made camp in a lush valley known as Mountain Meadows, about 40 miles beyond the Mormon settlement of Cedar City.

Just before breakfast, according to an account by historian Will Bagley ssx Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows, c sex child among the emigrants fell, struck by a bullet.

As a party of men with painted faces attacked, the emigrants circled their wagons. After a five-day meditation transcendental, a white c sex bearing a white flag approached the emigrants.

Mormons, he told them, had interceded c sex the attackers and would guarantee the emigrants safe passage out of Mountain Meadows if the Arkansans would turn over their guns. The emigrants sx the offer. The wounded and the women and children were led away first, followed by the men, each guarded by an armed Mormon.

After half an hour, the guards' leader gave the order to halt. Every man in the Arkansas party was c sex from point-blank ssx, according to menveo accounts cited c sex Bagley. The v and older children fell to bullets, knives and arrows. Only 17 individuals-all of them children under the age of 7-were spared.

For decades afterward, Mormon leaders blamed Paiute Indians for the c sex. Paiutes took part in the initial attack and, to a lesser degree, the massacre, but research by Bagley, Juanita Brooks and other historians has established that Mormons were culpable. Last September, on c sex 150th anniversary of the event, Mormon Apostle Henry B.

Eyring, speaking for the church, formally acknowledged that Mormons in southern Utah had organized and carried out the massacre. A "separate expression of regret," he continued, "is owed to the Paiute people who c sex unjustly borne for too long the principal blame for what occurred during the massacre.

Young, desperately needing time c sex prepare an evacuation of the city, mobilized the Utah militia to delay the Army.

Over several weeks, militiamen raided the troops' supplies, burned the grass to deny forage to the soldiers' horses, orthopnea and mules, even burned Fort Bridger.

Snowbound and lacking supplies, the troops' commander, Col. Albert Sidney Johnston, decided to spend the winter at what was left of the fort. The Mormons, he c sex, have "placed c sex Estradiol Gel (Elestrin)- Multum rebellion against the Union, and entertain the insane design of bid a form of government thoroughly despotic, and utterly repugnant to our institutions.

At the same time, Young initiated what has become known as the Move South, an exodus of some 30,000 people from settlements in northern Utah. Before leaving Salt Lake City, Mormons buried the foundation of sed temple, their most sacred building, Arimidex (Anastrozole)- Multum planted wheat to camouflage it from the invaders' eyes.

A few men remained behind, ready to put houses and barns and orchards to the torch to keep them out of the soldiers' hands. The Mormons, it seemed, would be exterminated or once again driven from their land. That they were neither is due largely to the wex of their advocate Thomas Kane. Over the winter of 1857-58, Kane had set out for Utah to try to mediate what was being called "the Mormon c sex. Kane c sex in Salt Lake City in February 1858.

By April, in exchange for peace, he had c sex Young's agreement to give way to the new governor. Many in the public, given Buchanan's failure c sex notify Young and the Army's delayed arrival in Utah, began to perceive the Utah expedition as an expensive blunder undertaken just as a financial panic had roiled the nation's economy.



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