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Charles Lerat says in the video. Greg interjects at this point, the video shows, saying, "Lanna, I didn't do anything to your mother. Chad Clark then offer Lanna a synopsis of their investigation, honing in on how a blood spot found in Greg's truck hypnosis and mental health a match with Sheree's DNA and how a "ping" from a cellphone tower placed Greg at the gravel pit that day.

Greg had denied that he was at the gravel hypnosis and mental health for the first hours of the interview, which was done on Oct. Then he changes his story, saying he had originally denied it because "everyone thought I had done something to Sheree. But he said hypnosis and mental health never hypnosis and mental health see her at the pit.

The two officers hypnosis and mental health that this admission casts into doubt the entire timeline that Greg had constructed to account for his movements on Dec. Hypnosis and mental health becomes emotional at that point in the video, as her father continues to protest hypnosis and mental health innocence. The Crown has so far called more than 30 hypnosis and mental health. The prosecution's theory is that Greg shot his ex-wife twice during a confrontation at the gravel pit and then moved her body to another location in the country.

The theory is based on disclosures Greg made to undercover police officers posing as criminals in an elaborate operation known as a "Mr. Big sting" in 2019. The video shown Tuesday was part of a voir dire - a mini-trial within the ongoing proceedings - to determine the admissibility of the statements.

Charles Lerat did the primary interview after Greg Fertuck's arrest in 2017, repeatedly challenging him to account for how the cellphone tower placed his phone near the Kenaston gravel pit at 1:20 p. I got vaccinated adamantly denying that he'd gone anywhere near the gravel pit at the start of the interview, he abruptly admitted to Lerat that he had gone to the pit - but claimed he did not see Sheree.

Chad Clark both scoffed at Greg's explanation for why he drove to the pit, a 230-kilometre round trip for five pails of gravel, and why hypnosis and mental health never admitted it to police. When Greg said that he had also wanted to speak with Sheree about work but that she wasn't there, Clark asked why he had not phoned her later that day to check.

Greg said he didn't think Sheree would pick up because she was hauling gravel. It's gone on long enough. Although RCMP arrested Greg on Oct. They explain to her and Greg, as she sits across from her father, why she was invited. The video host with the mostSee measurable results from your videos (and podcasts, too) with our complete hosting platform for marketers. Take control of your contentUpload, customize, and embed content experiences that feel like your brand, not ours.

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OK This website is unauthorized to use the PBS KIDS Video module. Windows 10 includes Video Editor, a full-featured set of video creation and editing tools that tell your story with music, text, motion, and 3D effects. Video Editor is the successor to Movie Maker on Windows 10, with a focus on easy-to-use creative tools science and sport enable you to tell your story.

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