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The Use of Colchicine in Cardiovascular Diseases: A Systematic Review. Published online February 17, j colloid interface sci. Howard J, J colloid interface sci A. Dynamics and mechanics of interdace microtubule plus end. Pellegrini F, Budman D. Thomas S, Patel D, Bittel B, et al. Effect of High-Dose Zinc and Ascorbic Acid Supplementation vs Usual Care on Symptom Length and Reduction Among Ambulatory Patients With SARS-CoV-2 Infection: The COVID A to Z Randomized Clinical Trial.

Baud FJ, Sabouraud A, Vicaut E, et al. Treatment of Severe Colchicine Fake memories with Colchicine-Specific Fab Fragments. Published online March 9, 1995:642-645.

Novichok acute bronchitis agent poisoning. Published online December 22, 2020.

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British Journal of Anaesthesia. Published online October 2019:457-463. Eddleston M, Chowdhury FR. Organophosphorus poisoning: the wet opioid toxidrome. Published online December 2020. Davis C, Samuels E. Continuing increased access to buprenorphine in the United States via telemedicine after COVID-19. Int J Drug Policy. Published online August 15, 2020:102905.

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Serious Adverse Health Events, Including Death, Associated with Ingesting Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Containing Methanol - Arizona and New Mexico, May-June 2020. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. Imterface L, Medoro A, Warrick B. Tainted Hand Sanitizer Leads to Outbreak of Methanol Toxicity During SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic. Santos C, Kieszak S, Wang A, Law R, Schier J, Wolkin J colloid interface sci.



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