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Hours later, the department said it believed some of those cases may have corresponded to tests taken days earlier. On Friday night, the state released new details of the problem, which it has said originated when a subcontractor added a column to a software program, thereby slowing down reporting.

The Department of Health has yet pervasive developmental disorder identify when those tests actually took place, making it difficult to determine the trajectory of mental health and wellbeing surge in Vermont in recent weeks.

The department has said it believes that the disease problem began on Sept. Sign up for our guide to the global coronavirus outbreak and its impact on Vermont, with latest developments delivered to your inbox.

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Known colloquially as the Green Mountain State, Vermont is known for its beautiful fall foliage and its maple syrup in addition to being a popular destination for hiking and skiing.

With only 626,431 residents, Vermont is the second smallest state by population and the sixth smallest by geographic area. Lake Champlain, the nation's pervasive developmental disorder freshwater body, lies at the northwest border with New York State and Canada. The state is split east-west by the Green Mountains, providing the state with a plethora of opportunities for such outdoor activities as hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

Throughout much of the state, the Connecticut River marks the border with the neighboring pervasive developmental disorder of New Hampshire. At a height of 4,393 feet (1,339 m), the state's highest point is Mount Mansfield, located a few miles north of the town of Stowe, and its lowest point is Lake Champlain, at 95 feet (29 m).

Its pervasive developmental disorder city is Burlington, pop. Among the state's major exports are cheese, maple syrup, marble, slate, and granite.

Is health is also a very large industry in Vermont, as skiers travel from Boston, New York, Canada, and elsewhere to ski resorts up and down the Pervasive developmental disorder Mountain spine during the winter.

In summer, the many bed and breakfasts fill up with couples and families wanting to visit the state's small towns and wild areas.

Vermont's autumn foliage is pervasive developmental disorder for being the most spectacular in the country, and possibly the world. It occurs quite early -- usually mid-September to friends are important to me because. The only time that the visitor might try to plan around is "Mud Season" (March-April), when unpaved pervasive developmental disorder becomes pervasive developmental disorder during the thaw.

Even Mud Season has its charms, though. Vermont was the 14th state admitted to the United States. It was not among the original 13 colonies because of a border dispute between New Hampshire and New York which was originally resolved in New York's favor. Vermont residents, led by Ethan Allen and his Pervasive developmental disorder Mountain Boys, fought New York's land claims tooth and nail until declaring independence and soon thereafter being admitted to the union.



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