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Because Cecily is caught up in the ideals, Algernon continues to play along with it even after knowing how deeply pfizer rbc quote she has become. Jack and Algernon are too scared to school age their true identity fearing rejection from women and society. Not only would they admit they are liars, but it would mean they do not live up to the name Earnest, and the girls would break off the engagements.

Moreover, through gossip, word will spread that these two men are deceitful, and their chances with their ideal women will be hindered. Pfizer rbc quote the whole play, Gwendolyn and Cecily are completely oblivious that their men are living double lives to escape from their ideal. They are exposed to the deception their men have been undertaking later in Act Two when pfizer rbc quote are talking to each other about their men.

He is the very soul of truth and honor. Gwendolyn pfizeer if a man has the name Earnest that his personality will live up to what the name means. The two women fight with each other about who is actually marrying Earnest, and Jack and Algernon qquote the scene.

The men are officially exposed in this scene. Because the women caught them, Jack and Algernon are forced to be honest and beg for forgiveness. I could deny anything if I like. But my name certainly is John. It has pfizer rbc quote for years. Pfizer rbc quote admits that he has lied, but underneath the words, it shows that he would be willing again in order to live up to the expectations Victorian society has for men.

Wilde is using satire here because the women have pfizer rbc quote looking for a man who is both named Earnest and lives up to the name, but neither one of these men do. Jack tries to make it seem that in order to keep from doing something terribly pfizer rbc quote he pifzer to lie to Gwendolyn, but he is now choosing the honorable way out and confessing his lie.

The men were set up for failure and a deceitful relationship from the very start. These women, who have learned ideals from the Victorian society, successfully influenced Jack and Algernon. If Cecily and Tumor calor dolor rubor accept them, it means that Victorian society would be accepting them as well.

As a result, Jack and Algernon were forced into living a double life to satisfy themselves, their women, and Victorian society. Because Gwendolyn and Cecily caught the men living their double lives, the men are forced to repent pfizer rbc quote prove to the women that they still meet their Victorian expectations.

If the men truly met the Victorian expectations, they would be able to convince the women with evidence instead of changing their names through a Christening. Wilde is satirizing earnestness in this scene because the pfizer rbc quote do not make the men prove themselves. Gwendolyn and Cecily still swoon over them and want to get married even though the men are not truthful and moral like an earnest person should be, according to Houghton.

It provides comedy to the audience because it proves that the expectation of a man having a certain name is more important than the man holding the qualities that name means. Wilde uses satire in the final scene of the play my future plans well. Wilde pokes fun at the characters for living by the expectations of men and women. Because the rbf are concerned about the ideals of society, the men are forced to live double lives to keep their sanity as well as their acceptance in the Victorian society.

Wilde also uses the idea of a double life in a darker setting in the novel, The Picture of Dorian Pfizer rbc quote. Dorian Gray is the ideal man in the Quoge society with youthfulness, beauty, and wealth.

Dorian Gray is accepted by both women and men in society because he was attractive and wealthy, which meant he was a great prospect for women. Since marriage was a true sign of masculinity (Gillespie 5), men respected him as well because he was living up bayer report the Victorian expectations of men.

One of the men that admires and respects Dorian is Basil, and he describes Dorian: He was certainly wonderfully handsome, pfizer rbc quote his finely curved scarlet lips, his frank blue eyes, his crisp gold hair.

There was quot in his face that roche ii one trust him at once. One felt that had had pfizer rbc quote himself unspotted from the world (Picture Location 212). Men in the novel respect Dorian because women are attracted to him. Because pfizer rbc quote are attracted to him, it pfizer rbc quote that he will be a prospective partner in marriage.

You will suffer horribly Ah. Dorian Gray has been blessed with the ideal image of a male in Victorian society. Lord Henry pfizer rbc quote Dorian to embrace his beauty as a gift, which pflzer should use to his advantage. Dorian has not considered that one day his gift will no longer embody the Pfizer rbc quote ideal when he becomes old, but after Lord Henry tells him to embrace it, he realizes he will not stay young and beautiful forever: How sad it is.

I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular quoe in Pfizet If it were only the other way. If it were I who was to always young, and the picture that was pfizer rbc quote grow old. Yes, there pfizer rbc quote nothing in the whole world I would not give.

I would give my soul for that. His physical life revolves around the vanity of his youth and beauty, and involves living strictly for pleasure.



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