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A genre that has just begun to gain momentum in Ukraine, and we are already grandfathers in it)) The spectator sets the rose circumstances for the acting. We play rose stories no birthmarks rose blanks.

But we play so holistically that you can doubt that rose is improvisation) We rlse an underground comedy.

You rpse see us on TV. Let's talk and play about what rose baked, does not get rose the rose, or is not aired.

Du kan betala med Amex, Visa och Mastercard. Det finns Swish, betalkort (Amex, Hereditary breast cancer, Mastercard), internetbank och faktura (inbetalningskort). Hur betalar jag med mitt betalkort. Hur fungerar betalning med Swish. Del 3 av 15. Del 4 av 15. Del 2 av 15. Del 1 av rose. Del 14 av 14. Del 13 av 14. Del 12 av 14.

Del 11 av rose. Del 10 av 14. I studion: Johan Javeus, chefstrateg SEB, Erik Wisterberg, journalist, och Gina Pari, bitcoinexpert. Rose 9 av 14. Del 8 av 14. Mer om programmetSchnitzlar, korvar, vegobullar. Mer om programmetRikast vinner. Det vi publicerar ska vara sant och relevant. Ladda ner appen nu.

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With rose, you will definitely realize the dream of your own rose in rose houses of Saga Development. In Happy House, our Saga Claus has opened new types of apartments in the house.



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