Dong Tao - Dragon Chicken

The legs of this Vietnamese mutant chicken can reach the thickness of a human ankle. Because of these legs, the meat of which is very valuable, it lays less eggs than other species, which makes it rarer. The weird-looking chicken breed, also called Dong Tao chicken, has very tasty meat. and once raised only for the royal family of the country . 
Because these rare chickens are difficult to breed, they are sold for an average price of $ 2,500.

The bandaged legs of chickens are covered with reddish scales and can become as thick as an adult's ankle.

A male adult Dong Tao chicken can weigh up to 6 kg. Chickens are usually white, Roosters have colored feathers. Chickens that like to eat crickets are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and tend to lay less eggs than common chickens.
18 February 2021