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Flying balls of fluff. These tiny woodland dwellers have a strong claim to be considered the UK’s cutest bird.

71 views 06 April 2021

Long-tailed tits are very small birds, typically less than half the weight of a robin. They have a fluffy pale-pinkish breast, dark wings, a short beak and, of course, a long tail.

Despite their name, long-tailed tits are not closely related to the tit family (Paridae), which includes the blue tit, great tit and others.

Long-tailed tits mainly feed on insects and invertebrates. The eggs of moths and butterflies are commonly taken, as are caterpillars.

The birds pluck their prey from tree branches and other vegetation. Seeds may be eaten in winter when food is scarce and they will often visit bird feeders.

Long-tailed tits build a nest made from moss, lichen, feathers and spider silk. Six to eight eggs are normally laid in April and will hatch after up to three weeks. The chicks fledge after around two weeks in the nest.