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Interesting Facts About the Guinea Fowl

142 views 19 April 2021

Guinea Fowl, also known as Guineafowl, are a group of birds that live in Africa. There are six different species of Guinea Fowl, the White-Breasted, Helmeted, Black, Plumed, Crested, and Vulturine Guinea Fowl. Humans have domesticated one species, the Helmeted species. Now, this species lives on farms virtually worldwide. 

Guinea Fowls are relatively round chicken-like birds, with naked heads. Their feathers, or plumage, vary from species to species. Some are uniform in color, while others have spots, and one species has a fluorescent blue chest. Two species of Guineafowl have feathered crests on their heads. Most are about two feet tall, and weigh about three pounds.