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Meet Barry, A Gloster Canary With A Fabulous Bowl Cut

5149 views 29 March 2021

Gloster Canaries were bred to be small, short, and stubby — no longer than 4 3/4 inches, and come in many color variations including green, yellow, cinnamon. Like all canaries, the Gloster Canary is a singing bird, though it is louder and not as melodic as some canary aficionados may prefer.

They are often confused with Crested Canaries. - although one noted difference is that crested canaries are larger than glosters and not as commonly available. Although some Gloster canaries do sport cute "Beatles Haircuts" also referred to as "crests," the "crested canary" was recognized as a separate breed in 1925.

While Gloster canaries did originate from the Canary Islands, they are not seen in the wild. The birds are the result of decades-long selective breeding. There are two varieties of Gloster canaries: Consorts (smooth heads) and Coronas (crested heads, like Barry). The birds sporting cute “Beatles haircuts” are not as social with humans as, for example, parrots, and don’t desire much human interaction. The Glosters are also known to be avid and talented singers, which, along with their full crest, has caused them to become very popular among bird lovers.