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Meet Wire-tailed Manakin, A Stunningly Beautiful Tiny Bird With Yellow Face And Belly And Bright Red Crown

125 views 20 April 2021

The wire-tailed manakin is a stunningly beautiful bird. This tiny fluffy creature is dyed with a beautiful yellow shade all over its face and belly. Its back, amazingly, is a spectacular black color, creating a striking contrast with its bright red crown.

Unlike male birds with gorgeous plumage, female Wire-tailed manakins have olive-green upper parts. Their yellow belly is also paler than males.

Another feature to recognize two sexes is the tail. The male has a longer tail than that of the female.

It measures 11.5 cm in length, without considering the 4 cm of the male’s tail filaments and 2.5 cm in the female.7 The bonito male has a bright red crown and nape, the rest of the back is black; the white of the internal flight feathers is seen mainly in flight; the antlers of the tail feathers are projected as unique filaments that curve upward and inward. The forehead, face and underparts are bright yellow. The female is olive green above, somewhat paler in the lower parts, the belly is pale yellow; the tail is like that of the male but shorter.

It is found upstream in the western Amazon basin and neighboring countries, north of Peru, east of Ecuador, in Colombia, and the southern and western parts of Venezuela. In Venezuela it is distributed upstream in the Orinoco river basin, but not in the final 1,300 kilometers, and its range in Venezuela continues around the Andes mountain range to the northwest coast. In northwestern Brazil, the species is distributed from Roraima and Amazonas west to Venezuela and Colombia, and southwest from Rondonia and Acre to Peru and Ecuador.