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Red-fan Parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus) is a species of bird in the Psittacidae family.

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The red fan parrot is known for its dark red feathers which is located around its head.  These feathers have a lining blue on the edges.  The red fan parrot is 14 inches (35 cm) long including the tail.  It weighs only about 225g.  Both males and female have similar plumage.  This parrot is also known as the hawk headed parrot as it resembles a hawk when perched on a tree.  This resemblance is due to its eyes.  When the red fan parrot is alarmed or excited, it raises its feathers to display its magnificent fan.  Adults have yellow eyes and a gray beak as well as gray legs.  Juveniles have brown eyes and a lighter colored beak.

This bird is found in the northern part of South America.  Most of the population is found in the Amazonian Rainforest.  It is specifically found in Guiana and Brazil.  It lives in rainforests, grasslands and woodlands.

The red fan parrot reveals its beautiful feathers when it is alarmed.  It is seen in pairs or groups which rarely exceed 20 individuals.  This parrot is often seen swaying side to side and while making a whining noise. 

The red fan parrot normally breeds in December or January.  After mating, they occupy abandoned nests.  The eggs require an incubation period of  25 days.  The males protect the females during incubation.  The females lay about 3 eggs every year.  The average life expectancy of a red fan parrot is 40 years.