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There Is A Flower That Has Petals That Look Like Little Hummingbirds

22805 views 27 March 2021

One Reddit user by the name of OopusPrimect recently shared a photograph that had many not only confused but pretty fascinated. The photograph sits under the subreddit shows a green-flower that somehow looks like it’s a group of hummingbirds—only they’re so tiny! So, did people actually check them out?

Crotalaria cunninghamii is a short-lived, upright shrub that is widely distributed throughout the northern half of Western Australia, from the coast through to the deserts, predominantly on drainage lines and sand dunes.

This species grows up to four metres high with large oval-shaped, velvety grey-green leaves and branches. But its most fascinating feature is its mass of large, vivid green pea flowers that are finely striped with purplish-brown 'veins'. Flowers are displayed in terminal clusters, with each individual closely resembling a bird that is attached by its 'beak' (the calyx) to the stem, hence its common name.

The green bird flower generally blooms from January to April in Perth or longer in its natural habitat, followed by velvety, club-shaped seed pods about four to five cm in length.