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Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The USA

896 views 18 March 2021

Few views on Earth are quite as bewitching as a waterfall, our great and most liquid planet. Nothing like a river flowing from a cliff reminds you of how little you really are. We’ve got your roadmap if that’s the kind of vista you’re looking for. You may think the best waterfalls in the world are hidden in exotic places like New Zealand, Iceland, and beyond, but in truth, some of the most impressive ones are in the USA.

Here are 10 of the most spectacular waterfalls in the USA that should certainly make your bucket list, from breathtaking chutes of water jutting from tropical cliffs to gentle tumbles down the side of a glacier.

Kanarra Falls, Zion National Park, Utah
The jewel of Kanarraville and the main draw for hikers is Kanarra Creek. To make its way into the valley where it irrigates the fields and gardens of local farmers and people, the creek goes off Kanarra Mountain and down through red slot canyons. Over a series of small falls, the stream flows all year long. As a favorite destination for adventure seekers, Kanarra Falls has gained popularity.