Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks

These dinosaur tracks were formed in the early Jurassic period, approximately 200 million years ago and have been verified by paleontologists from Northern Arizona University. The specific type of dinosaur that left these footprints cannot be determined, therefore these are called "trace fossils". Trace fossils are classified by the shape of the prints and the type and layer of the rock the fossil is found on, which determines its age. With this information, it can be assumed these footprints belonged to the carnivorous dinosaurs Eubrontes, Grallator, Coelophysis kayentakatae or Dilophosaurus wetherilli.

How to Get Here:
Moenkopi Dinosaur Tracks
U.S. Hwy 160
Tuba City, AZ 86045

Bring out your inner-child and go pounce and stomp among real dinosaur footprints! You might even want to invite your actual child to come along for this long-awaited, adventure opportunity. Just 70 miles outside of Flagstaff in Tuba City, located in the Navajo Nation, is a place where evidence of dinosaurs can be experienced first-hand. There are no glass exhibits with carefully cut, stone pieces of fossilized footprints; just actual dinosaur tracks all over a section along the bench below Hamblin Ridge.