Woodpecker and Her Traits

29 views 18 February 2021
The woodpecker is a bird species found in the woodpecker family. These birds are among the breeds that live and nest on high tree branches. The Latin for Woodpecker is Picus. Woodpeckers can be seen all over the world, except in polar regions. These animals live in temperate climates and their species have evolved their feeding habits accordingly. 

Woodpeckers' neck muscles are well developed. In this way, their ability to drill trees can be realized. Their beaks and skulls consist of a very thick bone structure. The evolution of this structure prevents the woodpecker from being damaged if the trees are carved. Woodpeckers commonly found around the Australian continent; It has feathers in green, red and yellow hues. Their beaks are very sharp. There are four fingers on their feet and each finger has nails sharp from each other. These nails are inward and allow it to hold tightly to the tree branch. In addition to its sharp beaks, it is strong enough to pierce the tree trunk after a few blows.

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